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Public Health Salon hosted by Ellen Coleman

To public health enthusiasts beyond the EMPH class of 2013,  here’s a note from classmate, Ellen Coleman, who hosts a lovely public health salon… “EMPH 2013 has been conducting a bimonthly public health Salon which we would like to open … Continue reading

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The Fat Paradox by Monica Mehta

About a year ago, in a context I’ve now forgotten, one of our classmates, Selim Arcasoy, mentioned the fat paradox during a class discussion.  He explained, “Overweight people may have a lower mortality rate.”  It momentarily registered in my brain, … Continue reading

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The Art of Asking a Question: My Interview with Disease Investigator and Adventure Traveler, Catherine Dentinger by Monica Mehta

There’s always one person in a room filled with vocal people who quietly listens and then asks the right question.  In our class, it’s Catherine Dentinger.  She has a unique way of injecting humor, introducing a novel thought, and probing … Continue reading

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The New Hot Spott3rs By Monica Mehta

I’m now reflecting upon the recent annual Mailman Health Policy & Management Conference.  It was great to see generations of EMPHers:  my classmates milling about our predecessors and successors, sharing stories, and getting updates.  I realized at one point that … Continue reading

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“Don’t Tear Down a Park to Build a New Yankee Stadium” and other words of wisdom from Susan Dentzer’s talk at Mailman by Monica Mehta

After listening to Susan Dentzer’s one-hour-ish talk entitled, “America’s Health Deficit: what we can do about it,” it became abundantly clear to me why she is the editor-in-chief of Health Affairs, the journal Washington Post calls “The Bible of Health … Continue reading

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“Coming to Terms With an Epiphany: An Interview With David Ramos” by Monica Mehta

As our class takes a step forward toward graduation, I thought we should take a step back and explore some of our motivations of going back to school in spite of the opportunity costs.  And more importantly, how these ideas … Continue reading

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“A Gallon of Soda, De-Criminalized” by Monica Mehta

There’s been a buzz about fizz in NYC after Mayor Bloomberg set out to ban the sale of large sodas from restaurants and the like in early March.  And by “large”, he means greater than 16 ounces (almost 500ml). From … Continue reading

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Extra Virgin By Monica Mehta

With our class just wrapping up epidemiology with Dr. Stellman, I thought it appropriate to drop a quick blog about the much talked about Mediterranean Diet study published in NEJM this week.   And since most of us are recovering from … Continue reading

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A Visit to Consumer Reports (October 2012) by Eliane Pottick-Schwartz, EMPH class of 2013

Imagine this – a room full of baby strollers waiting to be beaten up, rolled, roughly tilted, and  tested in the harshest conditions and all this in order to make sure that when a baby is taken for a walk, … Continue reading

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Public Health as a Tool for Social Justice: My Interview with Mailman Professor, Dr. Leslie Roberts

After emailing back and forth for weeks, the day had arrived.  I woke up at five o’clock in the morning on this unseasonably cold day in October to meet Dr. Leslie Roberts, a professor at Mailman.  I found his biography … Continue reading

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