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Engaging the disinterested learner

Here’s an article by Ana Berlin (EMPH Class of 2012) which was recently posted through the American College of Surgeons Residency Assist Page.  The ACS supports and provides solutions to the challenges inherent in surgical residency programs and education.  In her piece, … Continue reading

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So we are getting measured for caps and gowns this weekend!  I wonder if our heads have grown larger over the past 2 years. . . When my mother-in-law headed into retirement (after several decades as a librarian) she hung … Continue reading

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Get on the bus!

From Ben Hohmuth MD, Class of 2012: PHYSICIAN VALUE BASED PURCHASING Earlier this week, Kaiser Health News ran a story prompted by the recent delivery of Quality and Resource Use reports (QRUR) to physicians in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa.  … Continue reading

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Heart and Soul of Medicine

From Ana Berlin MD, Class of 2012: In his 2011 address to Harvard Medical School graduates, Atul Gawande emphasized the importance of team-based performance skills and attitudes for young doctors entering the workforce.  In order to adapt to the complexity … Continue reading

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About the Public Health Oath

It’s hard not to be a cynic when it comes to American health care: the fragmentation and competition, our counterproductive payment systems, rampant disparities, the gutting of public health, the politicizing of women’s health. . .   The list goes on … Continue reading

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Working to Improve Health, from Haiti to Greece

Jason Friesen, EMT-P, is a student in the Executive MPH class at Mailman (’12), and lives in Port-au-Prince where he is the Country Representative for Project HOPE, an international health aid organization. He can be contacted at The Pandemic … Continue reading

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Transformational Leadership

Columbia’s EMPH program has a decided leadership focus.  We’ve addressed the topic directly, in our first semester leadership class with Tom D’Aunno where we analyzed multiple facets of the leader’s role.  Don Ashkenase took a different approach, asking us to … Continue reading

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The Spirit of Public Health

I recently read on a Linked In List Serve that the American Public Health Association’s Governing Council passed a resolution in support of Occupy Wall Street.  Whatever you happen to think about OWS specifically (its intentions, “message,” or tactics) the movement’s essential contention … Continue reading

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More good oral health news

We’ve discussed the patient-centered medical home model of care quite a bit over the past year. Typically, those discussions focus on redesigning primary care such that the medical practice adapts to the needs of patients (not the other way around). … Continue reading

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HIT me

Through the adoption of electronic health records (EHR), providers across the country are bringing our nation’s health care system into the 21st century.  EHRs are designed to pool all of a patient’s health information into one computerized record such that primary and … Continue reading

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