New Health Law Is Sending Many Back to School


One of the reasons so many of us have chosen to attend the Columbia Executive Masters in Public Health Program is that we realized just how important it is to keep our education and skills current and razor sharp in the rapidly changing world of healthcare.  The opportunities in healthcare today are tremendous but so are the challenges.  I came across an article from the New York Times that discusses the need for healthcare professionals to stay on top of their game.  You can find the article here.

There is no doubt that individual classes and certificate programs are useful for many professionals seeking continuing education.   However my experience at Columbia’s EMPH program has convinced me that if you are a seasoned professional that really wants to be on the cutting edge of the business and administration side of healthcare the EMPH program at Columbia is clearly the way to go for several reasons.  First the program is comprehensive and gives you a 360 view of the changing landscape of the new healthcare world.  Next, the classes are taught in person by national leaders in the healthcare industry who have an insiders perspective on the areas that they teach.   Third, you are part of a cohort of seasoned healthcare professionals that turn lectures into lively face-to-face discussions giving a variety of perspectives and demonstrating how the lessons learned in class are applied by your cohort members in actual on the ground situations that they are currently working on.  Lastly, the networking opportunities are tremendous both within the cohort and from the faculty and alumni base of the Mailman  School of Public Health.  All of this leads to a superb overall experience that not only keeps your knowledge base up to date but provides you with the tools and a degree to take advantage of the career opportunities that are flourishing in this changing healthcare environment.

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