EMPH Student Spotlight – Ingrid Edshteyn

Ingrid Edshteyn Photo

Ingrid Edshteyn is a Preventive Medicine physician, PGY2, at Yale-Griffin Hospital and has recently been elected to the Executive Board of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. She has embraced Preventive and Lifestyle Medicine as it encompasses both disease prevention and health promotion for individual patients and populations. Her commitments include the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center and Griffin’s Weight Management and Wellness Center, where she is developing a model for the clinical integration of a scalable lifestyle program. The EMPH course on Health Policy enabled her to identify the salient needs and opportunities within the changing healthcare system and the Management coursework empowered her to effectively lead the multidisciplinary committees involved within the hospital and professional societies. The EMPH program has had a substantial and direct impact professionally, enabling a broader and more cohesive understanding of our healthcare landscape.

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  1. Ingrid says:

    …and to not forget the impact of Health Economics, now I’m sure to ponder “relative to what?” and question what is the value of the best alternative foregone. Thank you, Steve, for this opportunity!

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