Welcoming Our Newest EMPH Family Member!!

Baby Alex photo

One of the best parts about the Columbia EMPH program is that it is not an online program but a diverse cohort of seasoned professionals who get together each month to have classes, socialize and network.  This in person experience allows us to bond as a group and celebrate important personal events and milestones in our lives.

It is my please to introduce the latest member of our EMPH family Alexander, son of our classmate Kristin Meyers.  We had a baby shower for Kristin during one of our lunch breaks which was truly a lovely event.  Congratulation to Kristine and all of her family! We are looking forward to meeting Alexander in person when the weather is perhaps a bit nicer and welcome him into our EMPH family.  He looks like he is ready to create health care policy that will change the world!

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