Visit to Morris Heights FQHC (AKA Tammy’s clinic)

Since starting the Mailman EMPH program, our cohort has learned so much from each other both in the classroom and out.  Thus far, we’ve visited the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital emergency department (via Allison Lyons-Ankeny).  And my economics project group was lucky enough to get a mini-tour of Barclays (including the trading floor) when visiting Larry Marsh in his Times Square office.

They were glimpses of the worlds in which our classmates work, which is something we hope to do more of in the coming months.

More recently, Larry and I visited our classmate’s (Dr. Tammy Gruenberg) Women’s Health Clinic at the Morris Heights Health Center (an FQHC) where she works as an OB/GYN.

An FQHC, or federally qualified health center, is a safety net provider serving migrants and homeless.   We met her amazing team of health educators, nurses, midwives, housekeepers, the CEO, HIT team, and PA/MPH, among others.  The clinic was impressive, providing services to the community from obesity programs (Tammy is also starting a zumba class), baby showers for almost moms, complete GYN services, many quality improvement endeavors, and more.

We learned the ins and outs (ups and downs) of Centricity (their CPOE) and RHIO (the Bronx Regional Health Information Organization) as well as the challenges of interfacing with other systems (we had to calculate 1,000 factorial to really understand the complexity of interfacing between Centricity and other systems).

It was inspiring and impressive.   It’s really something to see – all of our courses distilled into one little clinic in the Bronx.

Thanks for reading!  Stay tuned fore more..


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