In America, health care access continues to be a rising problem. What were once concerns about disease prevention and health care quality are now debates about government-run programs.

With the health of an entire nation in jeopardy, a team of public health advocates traveled to Havana, Cuba to find solutions.

In 45 Minutes To Prevention: Lessons From Cuba, we collected valuable lessons about redesigning our communities to favor prevention and access for everyone. As we learned, the same passion Cubans have for music and dance exist when talking about wellness.  They believe, “Every Cuban is Doctor” and this exemplary character is the basis of their team-based approach to health.  A standard set forth by establishing an integrative health care system that supports primary-care medicine and prevention.

Led by Dean Linda Fried and organized by Wanda Kowlaski (Class 2011), sixteen health care researches traveled to Cuba.  For 7 days, they met with various local officials, health care providers, and patients to get a hands-on experience of an universal health care model.

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