Dr. Theresa Mack Is A “Hero” In Harlem

Dr. Theresa Mack

Dr. Theresa Mack - Associative Director of St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center for Comprehensive Care

Harlem, NY –  Dr. Theresa Mack isn’t just lecturing to patients in Harlem, she is teaching and debunking myths that often shadow commonly held beliefs about safe sex.

Recently featured in NYDailyNews.com, Dr. Mack was revered as a hero by patients in her clinic in Morningside Heights.  A 2006 graduate of the EMPH program, Dr. Mack, serves as the Associative Director of St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center for Comprehensive Care.  She delivers a message of public health safety with a nurturing spirit and a candid voice, especially when it comes to safe sex and treating AIDS patients.  She states,

I don’t pull any punches; the message is the same for everyone – black, white, gay, straight: If you have sex without a condom, you are at risk. This is life or death. People who are going to be intimate also need to know whether their partner is HIV positive or negative.”

link: http://articles.nydailynews.com/2011-03-06/local/28673755_1_hiv-diagnosis-mack-credits-aids-patients

For additional information: http://articles.nydailynews.com/2011-03-06/local/28673755_1_hiv-diagnosis-mack-credits-aids-patients

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