HPM EMPH Class of 2010 Assumes Executive Leadership of Major Community Hospitals

In a startling development, the Health Policy and Management [HPM] EMPH Class of 2010 took over as the executive leadership teams of four major community hospitals over the weekend.  As the final Capstone exercise of their two-year program, the Class went through the HealthSquare Hospital Management Simulation.  Building on the total curriculum of their academic program and the cumulative professional experience of the 42 members, the Class demonstrated their readiness to assume major leadership positions in the complex and challenging healthcare environment of the 21st Century. 

Working in teams of 5-6 members, the class members acted as the executive leadership team of one of four community hospitals competing directly for patient and physician support and economic viability in a highly competitive marketplace.  As hospital executives, the teams were required to analyze the position of their separate institutions and to make all decisions central to the successful management of their hospital, including such elements as service line mix, referring physician relationships, capacity, investment in quality [professional/clinical, systems, etc.], patient/payer mix, marketing, staffing, financial structure, fundraising strategies, and so on.

Over the weekend, guided by a team of Mailman faculty and senior hospital executives, the teams managed their institutions over a simulated six-year history, experiencing such events as a growth economy and a recession, as well as trying to assess shifts in the demand for and utilization of clinical services by different patient segments and changing payer requirements.  While each team – and, therefore, each hospital – developed and implemented its own unique strategy, at the end of the Simulation, each team felt that it had clearly ‘won’ and was prepared to lead its hospital into an even brighter future.

The HealthSquare Hospital Management Simulation is a unique educational advance created by HPM to enrich its Executive Education initiatives and the EMPH, COTJ, and MPH programs.  The Simulation will be offered for management teams at hospitals and other provider institutions, and in future public or open workshop programs for individual professionals.

The HealthSquare Hospital Management Simulation has been developed by a team including HPM Profs. Thomas P. Ference and Ralph M. Sabatino, Francois Calicis and Laurent Williot of Business Learning International [BLI], the leading global simulation developer, HPM Administrative Coordinator Susan Cohen, and several Mailman alumni presently in hospital executive roles.

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