Sherry Glied on Mental Illness in Health Affairs, MSNBC

Professor Sherry Glied has published the findings of a study in Health Affairs; also reported on the report’s findings.  From Health Affairs:

Mental illness and its treatment are largely invisible. We use multiple publicly available data sources to evaluate changes in the well-being of Americans with mental illnesses over the past decade. We find that access to care, including specialty psychiatric and inpatient care, and financial protection have improved. However, not all people with mental health problems have shared in these improvements. Access to care among those with mental health impairments appears to have declined, and we estimate that because of continued increases in incarceration, at least 7 percent of the population with serious and persistent mental illnesses are incarcerated in jail or prison each year.


“What we generally find is there has been an increase in access to care for all populations,” said Sherry Glied of Columbia University in New York, whose study appears in the journal Health Affairs.

“Mental health has become much more a part of mainstream medical care,” Glied said in a telephone interview.

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