Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden to CDC?

Several news outlets, including the New York Times Blog and the New York Daily News, are reporting that New York City Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden and Columbia Alum, is being considered for a post at the CDC.  From the New York Times Blog:

That was the question swirling around City Hall on Tuesday as a small group of AIDS activist organizations gathered on the steps of City Hall to protest what they described as Dr. Frieden’s “possible appointment” to head the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.

Dr. Frieden’s press office, asked whether he was a candidate for the federal job, issued what might be called a non-denial denial: “Dr. Frieden loves his job at the New York City Health Department and is looking forward to helping Mayor Bloomberg make New York City an even healthier place for years to come,” his representative said in an e-mailed statement.

Which is, of course, code for We’re not telling. Many of the staffers in City Hall were thinking about their next position, as Mayor Bloomberg’s second and final term came to an end with the elections in Nov. of 2009.  Of course, the City Councils ruling on term limits, extending them from two-four year terms, to three-four year terms, has put something of a wrench in those plans.  Commissioner Frieden was rumored (as pointed out in the Daily Politics) to have been moving over the the Mayor’s foundation, the Bloomberg Family Foundation.   Further complicating Frieden’s future is the recent events in the Obama Administration, when Secretary – Designee Daschle withdrew.

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