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Sam Davis & 2010

Here is a picture of Professor Sam Davis and the 2010 EMPH Class.

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How to get your grade bumped up by a half…

Want a grade upgrade? It’s so easy! Bring your newborn to class.  Here’s Strategic Planning Professor Tom Ference holding a new addition to the Perez – Phillips household, whose presence earned everyone a half a grade increase.  And because it … Continue reading

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NYC DOH, Prophylactics go viral

Well it looks like everyone’s jumped on the facebook bandwagon. (We’d like to take credit for connecting issues in public health and facebook.)  The facebook page is the latest phase in a campaign that started in 2007, when New York … Continue reading

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NYC DOH: New Yorker’s have the Flu….

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene sent out a press release announcing the arrival of influenza in New York City.  If you’re like me, you’re already aware, as the flu has paid you a visit. Influenza … Continue reading

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1199/G.N.Y.H.A. & NYSUT vs. Paterson Administration

This is an advertisement that is part of the ‘Protect Health Care‘ campaign.  Most pundits and commentators thought this ad was particularly strong.  On Monday, members of the Paterson Administration held a press conference to rebuke the claims of advertisement, … Continue reading

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Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden to CDC?

Several news outlets, including the New York Times Blog and the New York Daily News, are reporting that New York City Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden and Columbia Alum, is being considered for a post at the CDC.  From the New … Continue reading

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Army College Adds EMR Systems to the Syllabus

From the DoD, an interesting piece on EMR Systems: They are the Geek Squad in camouflage, without the comical Volkswagens and black ties. They are soldiers and civilians who comprise the Army’s Combat Service Support Automation Management Office (CSSAMO) and … Continue reading

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EMPH Alum on NBC

Here is a link of NBC’s Robert Bazell speaking with Dr. Edward V. Craig (EMPH Alum) of the Hospital for Special Surgery about the recent advances in joint replacement surgery. Click here to see the video.

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NUMC CEO: Medicaid A Prickly Issue In Stimulus Package

February 2, 2009 · The battle in Congress over an economic recovery bill boils down in large part to this question: Is it an economic stimulus, or just social spending? [Click here to listen] One very large portion of the … Continue reading

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Are 8 Babies Ethical?

From Newsday:    The birth of octuplets to a Southern California woman has raised several thorny ethical questions and trained a spotlight on the practice of reproductive medicine. Six boys and two girls, delivered eight weeks prematurely last week, have … Continue reading

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