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Since this is our first open thread, I’ll take a moment to define it, courtesy of Wikipedia:

An open thread refers to a blog post where readers may comment and discuss any topic that they choose. They are usually more useful on popular blogs with large amounts of traffic; they are often used when the author of the blog has no subject matter to post on or when there is a lull in posting.

Open threads are also used to break up the monotony of posts on the main pages of blogs. Comments may build up on content-oriented posts; therefore, authors use the open threads so page load times won’t be slowed down.

In this case, it’s not because we are experiencing a lull… An alumni, via LinkedIn, asked:

I’ve been thinking about the changes ahead in international Aid with the Obama administration. Is anyone involved in any of this? I am particularly interested in Africa and the Middle East.

So now, for the open thread to work, everyone has to comment in the comments section below… you can also change the topic if you don’t like this one.  As a reminder, any comments that are totally off the topic of Public Health will not be posted as I am a strict moderator – think Mrs. Sturak of the blogging universe.

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  1. Richard says:

    I’ll start the open thread…

    I have been thinking about the changes with the Obama administration and I am involved with the Health Policy Committee; but do not deal with any issues relative to international aid. I would say that considering his foreign policy statements, particularly as they relate to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, one would assume that he’s going to want to use IA as a means to repair some of the ill will towards the US in that part of the world.

    The week of January 12th, I’ll be hosing a small get together of all the New York City Obama Health Policy Committee Members… email me if you’d like to join us!

    Ok – now more people comment!

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