Governor Paterson: Diet-Cola Please…

Today, Governor David A. Paterson of New York will present his proposed budget. (which you can view here)  With New York facing, what he describes as the ‘Fiscal Challenge of a Lifetime’ the Governor is trying some new ways to raise revenue.  One such proposal is to tax non-diet soda, much like what New York City has tried to do in the past with other paternalistic, obesity fighting laws. 

There has been growing speculation over the past weeks, as to how much the Governor plans to cut Medicaid spending as hospitals are left trying to cover the growing gaps in their own budgets.  The Daily Politics reports that: 

Medicaid growth would be limited to $16 billion – an increase of 3.8 percent. Total federal and state spending would still increase $432 million (1 percent) over 2008-09 for a total of $45.5 billion, and New York’s program would remain the most expensive in the nation.

We will see what the Governor has in mind in about half-an-hour.

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