Boston Globe: Lobbies backing health reforms

The Boston Globe is reporting that the very groups that helped to thwart health care reform 16 years ago, are now pushing for some of the very reforms they were against.

WASHINGTON – Powerful special interest groups that helped torpedo healthcare reform 16 years ago are now advocating significant changes in the nation’s health insurance and delivery system. They are participating in regular discussions about how to expand health coverage and lower costs, key commitments that President-elect Barack Obama made in his campaign.

Significant differences over policy remain unresolved, and even the most optimistic proponents of reform think passing major legislation next year would be difficult. But two key factions, the business lobby and the health insurance industry, are talking seriously about substantial changes that would ideally help cover the nation’s 47 million uninsured, improve the quality of care, and tame the growth of healthcare spending.

Rest of the story here.

Coincidentally, the Boston Globe uses a picture of Harriet and Louse – the subject of our first post – and Dr. Sparer’s favorite health care duo.

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