8,000 New Jobs in DC

We here at the Columbia EMPH Blog try to be a one stop shop.  We’ll even help you find a job.  The Plum Book came out today.

From the Washington Post:

The 209-page paperback, officially titled “The United States Government Policy and Supporting Positions,” is exciting reading for people coveting jobs in the incoming Obama administration. It details the positions — some high-level, some almost comically obscure — that are likely to change hands as a Democrat moves into the White House after eight years of Republican rule.

The Marine Mammal Commission has three openings, each paying $100,000 a year. The Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation will need a new executive secretary who will earn $139,600 to $191,300 a year. And at the Department of Health and Human Services, there’s an opening for a confidential assistant to the deputy director of child support enforcement in the Administration for Children and Families (whew), for an annual salary of $48,148 to $62,593, depending on experience.

You can view the book online here…. you’re welcome!

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