Updated(x2): The Axe Man Cometh

The New York State health care community is awaiting Gov. Paterson’s $2 billion proposal in budget cuts.  The Albany Times Union has coverage here.

Gov. Paterson testified before Congress on Oct 29th, asking for the Feds to bail out the states like they did the banking industry.

New York’s Governor isn’t the only one looking to Washington for help, our friends to the far west are also feeling the pinch of the economy.

UPDATE:  The Gov. just released his proposal – which you can view here (once the website comes back online).

UPDATE: You can view the pdf slide show here: novspecialsessionproposal1

The part the health community was waiting for is below:

Medicaid/Health Care (2008-09 Savings: $572 million, 2009-10 Savings $1.2 billion).
The deficit reduction plan recommends $1.8 billion in Medicaid and other health care savings over the next two years. Major actions include reducing reimbursement rates and eliminating trend factor increases across all sectors, recouping Early Intervention overpayments from New York City, using unspent Graduate Medical Education (GME) funds for financial plan relief, and discontinuing funding for several HCRA programs. Additionally, to ensure that the insurance industry contributes its fair share of savings, assessments levied upon that industry will be increased.

Even after these actions, 2008-09 State Funds Medicaid spending is still expected to increase over the next year by $145 million or 1 percent to $15.3 billion. Additionally, State Funds Medicaid spending is still projected to increase by $1.5 billion or 10 percent in 2009-10.

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