Daily News: Columbia University professor sleeps through his Nobel Prize call

The Daily News and New York Post usually have the most… creative headlines.  I especially liked this one regarding Columbia University professor Martin Chalfi, who celebrated the announcement that he is a

Columbia University professor Martin Chalfie

Bondareff/AP: Columbia University professor Martin Chalfie

co-winner of the Nobel Prize in chemistry Wednesday.  Apparently, Chalfi slept through his Nobel Prize call, because the ringer on his phone was ‘too faint.’

Congratulations to Professor Martin Chalfi! I would suggest for the next couple of days you keep that phone on full blast, considering someone else really important may give you a call. From the Press release:

The remarkable brightly glowing green fluorescent protein, GFP, was first observed in the beautiful jellyfish, Aequorea victoria in 1962. Since then, this protein has become one of the most important tools used in contemporary bioscience. With the aid of GFP, researchers have developed ways to watch processes that were previously invisible, such as the development of nerve cells in the brain or how cancer cells spread.


Martin Chalfie demonstrated the value of GFP as a luminous genetic tag for various biological phenomena. In one of his first experiments, he coloured six individual cells in the transparent roundworm Caenorhabditis elegans with the aid of GFP.

Martin Chalfie, US citizen. Born 1947, grew up in Chicago, IL, USA. Ph.D. in neurobiology 1977 from Harvard University. William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Biological Sciences at Columbia University, New York, NY, USA, since 1982.

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