City Council Study: Not Enough PCP’s

During a press conference this week, New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn highlighted a report called the Primary Care Initiative: Community Health Assessment.

The 349 page report

…summarizes the findings of an assessment of barriers to obtaining health care in underserved communities in New York City (NYC), with a focus on community residents’ articulation of their experiences accessing primary health care. The stimulus for the implementation of a community health assessment came from a Task Force on Primary Care convened by New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s staff, assisted by the Commission on the Public’s Health System. The diverse group of community organizations, staff from various Council Members’offices, community health centers, health care advocates, city health agencies, labor organizations, and
academic institutions comprising the Task Force discussed the potential impact of the policy and facility specific recommendations of the Commission on Health Care Facilities in the 21st Century on primary care access and capacity in New York City.

The top findings of the report basically state that (1) primary care capacity needs to be expanded in New York City; (2) Dental and mental health services are lacking in New York City Communities; (3) funding made available by the City and State should be used to increase primary care; (4)  PCI funding must be given to health centers and providers that serve low-income uninsured patients.

You can download the entire report by clicking on either the link or the picture above.

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