They’re Baaaaaack


After a 14 year hiatus, the infamous Harriet and Louise have returned – much to the delight of Michael Sparer, who enjoys showing the 1994 ad’s during his Health Policy & Management Classes. You can see the new ad here.


And yes, it is the same actors who appeared in the original. The conversational duo was reunited by a coalition partly responsible for the original ads, the The National Federation of Independent Business. The actors may be the same, but the message is a little different this time around. “Whoever the next president is, health care should be at the top of his agenda,’’ says Louise in this 30-second spot featuring the same kitchen table scene.

NFIB is part of a new coalition that includes the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, the American Hospital Association, the Catholic Health Association and Families USA.

In a press release, Todd Stottlemyer, president of NFIB, “The healthcare situation has reached crisis levels. Our nation’s job creators – the small business owners and mom and pop stores in our communities – are struggling with unsustainable and ever-increasing healthcare costs.’’



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